How does RPL Process work?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) guarantees already skilled individuals with employment experience are given the opportunity to convert that accumulated knowledge and practical skills to Nationally Recognised Qualifications. If an applicant can fulfil the requirements, the process will take about 3-4 weeks.
How ​it works

RPL Process Timeline

The whole process of RPL is consist of simple 4 steps unless you need more trainingand it takes 4weeks
in the normal case.
The process starts with the "Free Skill Assessment". Our professional experts will have a consultation session to discuss your goals, your previous experiences, skills or qualifications you already have.

After the consultation session, we will let you know whether your condition is suitable to apply for RPL or not.
That is the time you have to make a decision!
After that, if you want to keep going on, you need to gather evidence to prove your working history and your skillset.

Then, once our assessors will have gone through your portfolio, they will call you in for a competency conversation and a practical observation if required. In this stage, you might need to take a gap training for filling any gaps if necessary.

Finally, all certificates are Nationally Recognised and you will have Nationally Recognised Certificates.
Now you can expect other chances to upgrade yourself. 


Free Skill Assessment

Step 01. Free Skill Assessment
We discuss what your goals are and help you choose the right qualification that matches your skills and show you what you need to do to achieve your goals.


Skills Check

Step 03. Skills Check
Once our assessors have gone through your portfolio, they will call you in for a competency conversation and a practical observation if required.



Step 05. Qualified
All certificates are Nationally Recognised and issued by a Qualify Me! partner college. Now you can grab that licence or promotion.



Step 02. Evidence Portfolio
Gather evidence such as: current resume, reference letters, work examples/samples, photos/videos, certificates and transcripts and overseas qualifications.


Gap Training

Step 04. Gap Training - if necessary!
If necessary, fill in any gaps in your prior learning and achieve greater qualifications through our online training courses. Make sure we will help this process, too!

Who is eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning?

RPL basically starts with your formal and informal learning and your career paths with working experiments in the real professional field. 

Additionally, your eligibility will be determined by the industry you work in, the type of qualification you’re seeking and any relevant formal or informal prior learning experiences you have done.

There are more than 200 occupations that can claim RPL. Specific and technical requirements can vary based on your personal situation and field. The best way to check your eligibility is to get a consultation with an expert, and we’re here to help you with that. 

RPL Process

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