What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the process through which your skills, knowledge and experience can be converted into nationally recognized qualifications. "Relation to more than 200 occupations, convert your experience into a nationally recognized qualification with Australia's Comprehensive leader in Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL) which are issued by our Partnered RTO's."

What are the advantages of RPL?

You might be an expert in a specific field but you don't have any proven formal qualification.
If this is you, we can help you. 

In Australia, there is a way to qualify with
formal and nationally recognised certificates
by using your professional working experience and working history. 

Your skills and knowledge that you have attained
through informal learning can be proved as realistic skills and it is through the process called RPL. To achieve this, you will need to prove your current skills and working history. 

Come to consult with us to see if you are eligible to apply for RPL in your field.
Save time and shorten the whole process without any burdens from classes, homework, or further studies.  

Get Qualified in
a short time frame


No Extra

Classroom Training


Nationally Recognised



SAVE $$$

Cost Effective Method

of Attaining Your


Enhanced Your

Career Opportunities


Who is eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning?

RPL basically starts with your formal and informal learning and your career paths with working experiments in the real professional field. 

Additionally, your eligibility will be determined by the industry you work in, the type of qualification you’re seeking and any relevant formal or informal prior learning experiences you have done.

There are more than 200 occupations that can claim RPL. Specific and technical requirements can vary based on your personal situation and field. The best way to check your eligibility is to get a consultation with an expert, and we’re here to help you with that. 

RPL Process

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