36 Places You Can Buy Face Masks in Australia

It’s getting to the point where we all should have at least one face mask on hand. It’s a social responsibility. With Melbourne going into mandatory use, searches for ‘face mask Australia’ have skyrocketed, and for good reason. It’s becoming harder and harder to find places you can buy face masks and protective masks. Whether you’re in need of the face mask Melbourne officials are legally enforcing you to wear, or you just want to keep yourself protected, a quality face covering has become a necessity rather than a wardrobe essential.

Well, it’s time to stop wondering where to buy face masks online. Below is our roundup of the best places you can buy face masks Australia wide, or international. Strap in, get your filters ready and prepare to be protected. There’s a helluva lot of selection, from camouflage face masks to cut face masks, we’ll tell you exactly where to buy your next pack.

Face Mask Basics

First of all, let’s go through the bare essentials. According to the CDC, a cloth face covering should fit both snugly and comfortably, secured with ties or ear loops, and include multiple layers of fabric (three layers is best), that allow breathing without restriction. We’d also recommend a waterproof outer layer for best results. Also, make sure they’re machine washable without causing damage.

It should be noted that N95 Filters are considered critical supplies, and are reserved for healthcare workers.

Where to Buy Face Masks Australia

It bears reminding that the number of people buying face masks at this time is unprecedented. Don’t be surprised if some of the masks on this list have already sold-out, however, that isn’t always the end of the line. Most face mask producers are updating their websites daily to keep consumers abreast of what is happening. Just because the mask says ‘sold out’ today, doesn’t mean they won’t be available tomorrow. It pays to check in daily. The other thing to mention is delivery times. It’s likely that due to the high demand, you might be waiting upwards of 4-5 days for your mask. Be prepared to wait.

Tips for face masks:

  • Three layers of fabric

  • Don’t microwave your face mask (seriously, people try it)

  • Only use a disposable face mask once

  • Avoid dampness

  • Remember, your face mask is only as effective as your hygiene and distancing

Here is a list of 33 places you can buy fack masks in Australia.

1. Culture Kings Face Masks

Never ones to miss out on a trend, Culture Kings has stocked up on a variety of face masks to make sure you’re safe and steezy.

Quantity: Variety Price: AUD$12 – $60 Material: Cotton & Neoprene

2. Everlane 100% Human Face Mask

When you buy an Everlane 100% Human face mask, not only are you doing the socially responsible thing, you’re also supporting the fight for human rights. The best part, these come in a pack of five and are machine washable. Get amongst it.

Quantity: five-pack Price: AUD$37 Material: Cotton

3. Bonds Face Mask

Socks and jocks veterans, Bonds, have changed lanes into the face mask game. The design is understated and trendy, coming in a simple block colours with no logos. They’re made from a machine washable cotton with adaptive cooling so you can breeze easy.

Quantity: single Price: Sold out but restocking soon Material: Cotton

4. Dangerfield Face Mask

These reusable masks come from alternative clothing store Dangerfield. Each mask features two layers with filter pocket adjustable ear straps and comes with 8 nano meltblown fabric filter replacements.

Quantity: single Price: AUD$12 Material: Cotton

5. Boohoo Modern Camo Print

Cheap as chips and highly stylish, these modern camo-print face masks offer some careful respite from the dreary world outside.

Quantity: 2-pack Price: AUD$10 Material: Polyester, elastane

6. Biome Nya Cloth Face Mask

This cloth face mask is made from two layers of organic cotton & hemp with an inner pocket for adding a filter.

Quantity: Individual Price: AUD$25 Material: Cotton, hemp

7. Casetify Reusable Cloth Mask

These reusable face masks are made with breathable cotton materials, washable, and fitted with a filter to help fight the spread of illness. You can also donate a mask if you’d like.

Quantity: Individual Price: USD$15 Material: Cotton

8. Crazy Sales Bulk Masks

You can buy face masks in bulk with this website. You can score a 40 pack of KN95 face masks or a single, whatever takes your fancy.

Quantity: Varied Price: AUD$30-$200 Material: Woven fabric

10. Etsy Black Protective Mask

Made from 100% linen, Etsy’s Black Protective Mask does exactly what it says on the box. Whilst not as safe as many of the others, it’s better than nothing.

Quantity: Single Price: AUD$14 Material: Linen

11. Profound

For probably some of the stylish face masks around you can’t go past Profound. With a huge range of masks that boast classic bandana patterns, they’re one way to stay safe and stylish.

Quantity: single Price: AUD$35 Material: Cotton

12. Brixton Face Masks

Upcycled from their own apparel, Brixton have put together a new series of face masks. Refocused, re-stitched and damn good looking, Brixton’s face masks are as stylish as they are safe.

Quantity: single Price: Sold out but restocking soon Material: Cotton

13. UA Sportsmask

Under Armour have responded to the pandemic by developing a face mask specifically designed for athletes. It’s breathable, has a cool feel and a comfortable fit. Doesn’t look to bad either.

Quantity: single Price: Sold out but restocking late August Material: Neoprene

14. Kathmandu

We know Kathmandu for its excellent range of outdoor gear, but the brand is also offering some great face masks. This mask combines two yarn technologies that work together to reduce the build-up of moisture and heat.

Quantity: Variety Price: AUD$14.98 Material: Merino wool