Interested in selling Real Estate in Australia?

Interested in selling real estate in Australia?

We introduce real estate courses that can be acquired in a short period of time.

After completing the short course, get a job opportunity in the real estate industry :)

Are any of the following things applicable to you? If so, Join us!

▶ Those looking for a job to open a new immigration path in Australia

▶ If you want to start a new study, take the quick and easy course first.

▶ Those who want to pursue additional studies while building a career after finding

a job

▶ Those who are interested in real estate and are curious about the detailed process

▶ Those who need the maximum experience at the minimum price and time

COR is an entry-level real estate course.

Upon completion of the COR course, you can register to NSW Fair Trade and work in the real estate industry.

[ March 21st ~ March 25th ]

Certificate III in Assistant Agent Course (COR)

- Minimum requirements for employment in real estate sales

- English score NO! No age limit!

This is the path to an exciting career in real estate.

As a supervisor within a real estate agency, you will have the skills you need to sell, market, rent and manage real estate.

Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice [Class 2 Agent License Course]
Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice

- Real Estate Professional License (Real Estate Open) Minimum Requirements

- English score NO! No age limit!

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)*

Compulsory Professional Development (CPD) is designed to increase the knowledge, skills and expertise of those working in the real estate and corporate brokerage industries. The goal of CPD is to enhance consumer protection and promote consumer confidence in the real estate industry.

* CPD must be renewed annually upon license acquisition.

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