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What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the process through which your skills, knowledge and experience can be converted into nationally recognised qualifications. "Relation to more than 200 occupations, convert your experience into a nationally recognised qualification with Australia's Comprehensive leader in Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL) which are issued by our Partnered RTO's."

What are the advantages of RPL?

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How does RPL work?


Free Skill

Step 01. Free Skill Assessment
We discuss what your goals are and help you choose the right qualification that matches your skills and show you what you need to do to achieve your goals.


Skills Check

Step 03. Skills Check
Once our assessors have gone through your portfolio, they will call you in for a competency conversation and a practical observation if required.





Step 02. Evidence Portfolio
Gather evidence such as: current resume, reference letters, work examples/samples, photos/videos, certificates and transcripts and overseas qualifications.


Gap Training

Step 04. Gap Training
- if necessary!

If necessary, fill in any gaps in your prior learning and achieve greater qualifications through our online training courses. Make sure we will help this process, too!
Step 05. Qualified
All certificates are Nationally Recognised and issued by a Qualify Me! partner college. Now you can grab that licence or promotion.

"Turn your professional skills
and work experiences
into a nationally recognised qualification"

Jobs that are in popular demand in RPL
Construction Managers

Building & Construction

Builders are not only to construct sturdy, beautiful, and functional products for clients but to build long-lasting and trustworthy relationships. 
Plumber at Work.webp
Plumbing Services
Accepts the responsibility of protecting public health and safety as it is affected by the plumbing trade, with the intent to raise the standard of living of the community. 
Mechanical Engineer's Sketch.webp
A career in engineering offers the opportunity for creative thinking, innovative experimentation and intriguing design and development. As an engineer, you will have the opportunity to work in many fields.
Mechanic Repairing Car.webp
Automotive service technicians maintain, repair, and inspect cars, light trucks, and other vehicles. They may also be referred to as service tech, auto mechanic, auto technician, automobile technician, or service technician.
Chef at Work.webp
Commercial Cookery & Hospitality
There is a high demand for professional cooks that can manage their kitchen, manage and train staff, help and plan to develop new dishes with high standards.
Business & Finance
Built for new, aspiring or seasoned business  leaders, gain the skills to adapt and thrive. Expand your financial and business acumen as a new or aspiring business leader.
Grandmother and Granddaughter
Aged Care & Child Care
Childcare and Aged Care Courses are designed to develop a range of competencies and skills. The demand for these sectors is rapidly increasing. 
Image by alan caishan
Remedial Massage
This qualification reflects the role of remedial massage therapists who work with clients presenting with soft tissue dysfunction, musculoskeletal imbalance or restrictions in range of motion (ROM). Practitioners may be self-employed or work within a larger health service.
Beauty Salon
Hair & Beauty
Become a beauty therapist to provide a broad range of beauty therapy treatments and services including facial treatments, body massage and treatments, nail and etc.
Real Estate
This beginners course will take you through the basics of real estate practice and what is required knowledge set by law. 
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